This post is written by Anthony Cordo, Senior Visitor Services Manager for Experience Columbus. You can follow Anthony on Twitter @Anthony_ExpCols.

t’s hard to describe just how exciting it is to be in the area around the OSU campus during a home football game; my best description would be something along the lines of what it would feel like to repeat a younger birthday over and over every Saturday. I don’t have tickets to the upcoming Nebraska game (though they’re easy to get from DREAM SEATS), but I always have fun whether or not I head into Ohio Stadium.

Ohio State Football

While the game starts at 8 p.m., the festivities kick-off at daybreak. I usually head over to the area around two hours before the game, but you can easily find ways to entertain yourself the entire day. First step: Get to the University District COTA bus ($2.75) Yellow Cab (about $20 from across town) Parking at the South Campus Gateway ($15 all-day) I usually stop off at Station 88 in the Ohio Union for a new piece of swag each game. At the last home game I got a new pair of OSU gloves, and this week I’m looking forward to getting a hat! Next I’ll head up the street to my usual game hang-out The Little Bar. This place turns their entire patio into a tailgate with a giant screen TV, a ton of bars, and some extremely friendly people! This is a great place for fans from both teams to watch the game, and it’s great for adults of all ages. If I were heading over to the game it’s a short walk from there. After the game I’ll head down to Raisin Canes to chow down on my favorite food. How do you spend your home game Saturdays?