It’s the time of year when children’s activities start shifting from outdoors to indoors. For a great indoor option this winter, check out PBJ & Jazz.

The Jazz Arts Group organizes PBJ & Jazz at the Lincoln Theatre. These concerts introduce jazz music to young children through a very informal setting. There was seating for those parents with shy children, also for children who just prefer a seat. There was also a large area for parents to sit on the floor and children to dance.

There was a great display of toddler and preschool dance moves, which are always original and fun to watch. My two-year-old daughter started with some light toe tapping while listening to the musicians warm-up. Twenty minutes later, she was up near the stage with some other children moving and grooving.

It was also a great opportunity to point out the different types of instruments and check out the beautiful Lincoln Theatre. PBJ & Jazz is a children’s activity that is also very enjoyable for parents and grandparents.

A tip if you go: Be sure your child has a snack beforehand, since the concerts are at 11 a.m. Each child is provided with a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Girl Scout cookie and juice. Depending on the child, it may be considered more snack size than full lunch size.

The next PBJ & Jazz is on Saturday, January 8. Click here for more details.