The Wilds is North America’s largest wildlife research and conservation facility, covering more than 10,000 acres of former coal mine. With more rhinos in one place than anywhere outside Asia and Africa, and dozens of exotic and endemic species, the Wilds is at the forefront of saving animals from extinction. Every Saturday through September, the Wilds runs a Sunset Safari , where visitors can have a relaxing dinner, see the animals in their huge paddocks at their most active, pet a rhino, and get an in-depth look at all the work that goes into conservation. It’s truly a magical experience.

Safari Buses on the horizon at The Wilds

Indian rhinos grazing at The Wilds

Bactrian Camel watching the sunset at The Wilds

The oddest-looking animal at The Wilds - the Takin

A Reticulated Giraffe on her way to dinner

Getting ready to pet an Indian Rhino while he snacks on sweet potatoes

Bactrian and Sika Deer at sunset