October is more than half way gone - do you have your pumpkin yet? Right now, the pumpkin crop in Central Ohio is at its peak - so whether you're decorating your doorstep, making some pumpkin pie, or choosing the canvas for your spookiest carving, now is the time to head out to the pumpkin patch! The team at Experience Columbus is very into Halloween, so I asked around for folks' favorite pumpkin patches around.


Lynd Fruit Farm seems to be a favorite among the team. Membership Manager Meg Gordon says, "Lynd Fruit Farm, not only can you pick your own delicious apples, but pumpkins, too. And for those that don’t want to venture into the pumpkin patch to pick the pumpkin that speaks to you, there are some already picked ones available. Also, I’ve never been brave enough to try it but always been intrigued to do the corn maze that they have after dark where you use a flashlight. They offer Wagon rides, too! Basically, it’s a one stop shop for fall fun."

Robbie Banks, Senior Visitor Experience Manager, says, "I don’t necessarily visit a pumpkin patch, but I like to go to Smith Farm Market. They have a great selection of pumpkins and much more! My family has been going there for years where we buy our homemade pies, produce, plants, local honey and Amish cheese."

Katie Croysdale, Human Resources/Events Administrator picks Pigeon Roost Farms. "There's so much for the kids to do at such a great price. I love all of the Halloween and fall retail items that they have to purchase along with all of the pumpkins and gourds," she says. Brenda Carter, Office Manager for the Greater Columbus Sports Commission also likes Pigeon Roost Farms. "There’s a ton of activities there for the whole family and their variety of pumpkins is abundant. Warty pumpkins and all!"

Marketing Manager Claudia Plumley is more into arts than farms. That's why she went out of the box to pick Glass Axis. "My favorite pumpkins are the glass kind – and there’s no prettier collection than Glass Axis’ Pumpkin Patch. There’s traditional orange, along with teal, purple, black and, well, every just about every color you can imagine. I may even make my own this year!" Sadly, Glass Axis' event was last weekend, but you can still shop for some beautiful glass pumpkins.


Brian Cheek, Tourism Sales Manager, also prefers non-perishable pumpkins - and Franklin Park Conservatory. " You can stroll through a 'patch' of hundreds of colorful blown glass pumpkins created by central Ohio artists and available for purchase through Botanica Gift Shop. Watch live glassblowing demonstrations, or make your own glass pumpkin ($50, walk-in) with the help of an instructor." Franklin Park's event takes place Oct. 28 - so you still have time to visit!

What's your favorite pumpkin patch around? What do you look for in a pumpkin?