This post is written by Nick Dekker, blogger at Breakfast with Nick and author of a book all about breakfast in Columbus. You can follow him on Twitter @BreakfastwNick.

Everyone’s looking for warm comfort food in the cooler months, and there’s nothing like than curling up with a fresh pastry and a cup of hot coffee (maybe take a trip on the Coffee Trail!). When you’re looking for a little break, try visiting one of these Columbus bakeries for a pastry or two.

Pastry2The three locations of La Chatelaine feel like quiet French chateaus. They’re warm and welcoming, with big stone ovens producing beautiful pastries every day. You could spend hours looking through the cases of éclairs and tarts, but the almond croissant easily stands out, with lightly sweetened and flaky layers

If you’re in the mood for French baking, you can also visit The French Loaf in Grandview. French Loaf has been creating croissants, danishes, and elephant ears that have been neighborhood favorites for over thirty years.

Belle’s Bread combines European and Japanese baking traditions, offering both croissants and stollen next to kashi pan, Japanese style sweet breads flavored with everything from green tea to coffee to red beans to melon.

Pastry3The new Fox in the Snow Café opened recently in Italian Village, and already baker Lauren Culley has had to double production of her pastries. Customers have flocked to the café for coffee and a taste of her hand pies, sticky buns, and cream-filled donuts.

If you’re going nut or gluten free, don’t despair! Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley produces donuts and buttery croissants that allow anyone with any dietary needs to still indulge their sweet tooth.

Tuula’s European Café in Dublin offers a quiet and cozy cure for your afternoon cravings. Tuula herself serves up little pies with fruit and nuts, fluffy little pastry pillows with fruit and cream cheese, and a light pastry called the pulla. The pulla is made from a delicately sweetened yeast dough flavored with cardamom, raisins, sugar, fruits, and nuts.

Panaderia Guadalupana on the northeast side of Columbus is a Mexican bakery serving breads, cookies, and pastries. The real stand-outs are the beautifully glazed cinnamon rolls, best served hot and fresh out of the oven.

Pastry4Never forget the classic beignets! At Creole Kitchen, Chef Henry Butcher fries up fresh beignets and then generously coats them powdered sugar. It’s easy to see why they’re a New Orleans classic, and we’re grateful they’ve made their way up to Columbus.

Didier Alapani at L’Appat Patisserie & Café in Olde Towne East serves beignets, too, alongside tarts, quiches, and little flaky pastries called chausson. “Chausson” means “slipper” in French, and the little crescent-shaped pastries – similar to croissants – involve flaky layers wrapped around sweet and savory fillings.

Where do you go for your favorite pastries in Columbus?