cosi3Did you know you can take a three-day family getaway in Columbus, complete with three top-notch attractions, two nights in a hotel WITH A POOL and pizza from Donato's for only $369? On your adventure, spend a day each at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, COSI and Zoombezi Bay - all with enough money left over to explore more of Columbus! Book your trip now at!

Does buttered bread always land butter side down, or are you just unlucky? Find out at COSI this summer! 

cosi2Myth Busters: The Explosive Exhibition just opened! Fans of the Discovery Channel show will love to see hundreds of props from the show, but even if you've never seen it, you'll have a great time finding out for yourself whether you get wetter by running in the rain rather than walking, whether you can pull a tablecloth out from underneath a set table, and whether you can dodge a bullet. In fact, you can conduct 11 experiments and bust some myths for yourself!

To make the lively exhibit even better, you can check out an iPhone companion guide, which asks questions about the scientific method and tracks your progress through the experiments. Live science shows happen throughout the day, which is a fun way to learn even more! Myth Busters is on exhibit through Sept. 2. The exhibit has an additional $8 fee.

cosi1The fun doesn't stop there, though! COSI has tons of discovery-based exhibition including Ocean, Space, Gadgets, Life, little kidspace®, WOSU@COSI, Progress, Big Science Park and the brand new Innovation Showcase. It doesn't matter how old you are - you'll have fun AND learn something at COSI.

Beyond the exhibits, you’ll find COSI’s hair-raising Electrostatic Generator Show, the only High-Wire Unicycle in the country and a seven-story Extreme Screen theater. You've got to visit with your family this summer!