Did you know you can take a three-day family getaway in Columbus, complete with three top-notch attractions, two nights in a hotel WITH A POOL and pizza from Donato's for only $369? On your adventure, spend a day each at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, COSI and Zoombezi Bay - all with enough money left over to explore more of Columbus! Book your trip now at ColumbusFamilyFun.com!


There are a lot of reasons that the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium keeps getting named the #1 zoo in America - but the only reason you need to visit is that it's just plain fun!

With 10,000 animals, 570 species and 90 acres, you'll get up close and personal with animals from all over the world. Polar Frontier shows off the Zoo's polar bears, grizzly bears and Arctic foxes in spacious habitats that include huge swimming pools and plenty of fish to hunt. Expedition Congo features gorillas, including the first gorilla ever born in captivity, Colo! Rare okapis and bonobos are a joy to watch as well. Hop along with kangaroos, see creepy Komodo dragons and watch Asian river otters frolic in the Australia and the Islands area. Manatees, penguins, stingrays, elephants, baby tigers and much, much more await your family.

zoo2If you visit before Labor Day, you'll be treated to 26 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs! Take the Dinosaur Island Boat Ride to check out T Rex and his buddies.


zoo 1And it keeps getting better! The Zoo is currently working on a new habitat, Safari Africa, that will bring back giraffes, and will open next summer!