Have you ever bit into a peach and tasted peach buttercream, raspberry preserves and pastry perfection? Have you ever experienced a true tea party in Columbus? Have you ever listened to live classical piano while savoring heavenly pastries from a pastry chef that trained in Europe?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now (Well, finish reading this first.) and make plans to visit Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Café located in Clintonville. Mozart’s offers European pastries and authentic Austrian cuisine and features live piano music daily. There are more than 120 items on the menu, but the Miniature Marzipan Peach described above is their most popular item (After tasting it, I can see why!!) and it can be shipped all over. Not only is it a taste to-die-for, but it’s a work of art. It looks like a glistening peach ornament. Almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Their interior seats 35-40, but with the coming of glorious weather, it can seat another 40 in the outdoor covered side patio and another 30 on the patio in front of the store. It also features a private tea room in the basement that can hold 35 people – the absolute perfect location for a shower or afternoon social gathering.

The food and environment of the café itself are reason enough to go, but the story behind the café owners make it that much more special. Anand Saha, the owner, has a strong background in hospitality and runs the front of the house. The only thing more apparent than his passion for food and service is his love and respect for his wife, Doris, who is the lead pastry chef and manages the kitchen. They met while working in Austria, moved to the U.S. and bought the building to fulfill their dream of opening their own business. They’ve worked hard at building their business and it shows. Every single bite of pastry is sweet confirmation of their hard work. In addition, they actively give back to their community and were recently awarded the Business of the Year award by Clintonville Chamber of Commerce.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to go to Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café. So, pick one and go. And if you ever find yourself in the Short North area and need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also taste some of their pastry treats at their North Market location .

After you've been there, let us know what is your favorite pastry.