This post is written by Guy Worley, president and CEO of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC).


There is nothing better than seeing a possibility become a reality. For many years, the land that ran along the Scioto River was filled with promise for Downtown. The green space could be so many things: a magnet, an oasis . . . a gathering spot.

In a few days, the Scioto Mile will be all those things. It will be a magnet, drawing visitors and residents to a gorgeous rolling park right on the riverfront. It’ll be a natural oasis in the middle of a thoroughly urban environment –and the new park is an oasis in a very literal sense: the Scioto Mile is home to two new watery works of art. Bicentennial Park hosts a dynamic interactive fountain courtesy AEP; and Huntington Plaza hosts a gorgeous copper fish fountain. With swings, chess tables, scenic walkways and fountains, the Scioto Mile will be the premier gathering spot in Columbus.

The Scioto Mile moves from potential to actual on Thursday, July 7. As the development manager, CDDC has been proud to help make this dream a reality. Join us at the grand opening at 5:30 p.m. Mayor Mike Coleman, AEP’s Michael Morris and some very special guests will usher in a new era for Downtown Columbus.

Come explore the new park. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the debut: children can play in the fountains with an oversized Fountain Frog Mascot, or stand in awe at talented jugglers and unicycle artists.

Guests can take in the sounds of the Hoo Doo Soul Band, and try out the much-anticipated restaurant, Milestone 229 . As the sun sets, a dynamic fountain and light display will salute the first day of the Scioto Mile.

The opening celebration of the Scioto Mile continues all summer long with more musical performances, movies and family events.

Decades of dreams, years of planning and construction: it all comes together in one night. Join us on July 7 for the debut of the Scioto Mile.