German Village is not only a huge, privately-funded historic district - it's also a premier visitor destination in Columbus! Within the 233-acre footprint, there are hundreds of red brick houses, built by German immigrants in the a last half of the 19th century. Over the past decades, homeowners have brought the whole neighborhood h&G1 01551_lrback to its full potential, and it's full of shops, restaurants, gardens and beautiful houses.

On Sunday, June 30, you get a once-a-year chance to not only look at the outsides of these great homes, but check out the interiors and private gardens as well! The 54th annual German Village Haus und Garten tour is a blockbuster event, and a great source for new home decor ideas. This year's tour includes 14 houses - ranging from a bachelor pad to an artist's studio, and also includes a peek at the in-progress renovation of Columbus Maennerchor German Heritage Haus, a 106-year-old organization dedicated to the celebration of music, singing and German culture. You can preview the homes here.

The tour costs $20, and runs from 9 a.m - 6 p.m. Which house in German Village do you want to peek into?