Columbus is a really creative city. If you don't believe me, just walk into Wild Cat Gift & Party! in Clintonville, and you'll see the city's craftiness for yourself. With items for sale from more than 100 local crafters and makers, this is paradise for the Etsy set.

Think of it as an "everything store" for people with an appreciation for the handmade and a healthy sense of humor. You can find baby gear, including lots of funny screenprinted onesies and toys. Homegoods, soap, wall art, clothing and much more are there for the browsing. On occasion, it's even a live-music venue! Part of the wall space is devoted to a small gallery installation from rotating local artists.

What's even cooler is that Wild Cat isn't just an awesomely curated shop - it's also a maker space! Head downstairs for a quick one-off sewing class and leave with a handmade purse or skirt. Learn to applique, knit, crochet or make jewelry. There's even a class to teach Etsy shop owners business skills! Check out the current offerings here.

What's your favorite part of the creative culture in Columbus?