Raven's Glenn Winery

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I consider myself a bit of a wine connoisseur, so I was excited to hear about Raven’s Glenn Winery in West Lafayette, Ohio. I recently made a visit to the establishment, owned by Robert and Renee Gulliam.


Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just learning, Robert and Renee make you feel right at home. Raven’s Glenn is family-owned and operated, so you will often see one of the Gulliams walking around and interacting with guests. Their goal is to combine award-winning wines with great food and an atmosphere that you will want to share with your friends. I believe they hit the nail on the head.

When you first enter Raven's Glenn, you see a great gift shop filled with all sorts of gift and gadgets for wine lovers (I couldn't help but buy a few things). In the middle of the gift shop is the tasting bar, where everyone has the option to taste dry, semi-sweet or sweet wines. My ideal wine is dry, but I did get to sample the Sangria, which was wonderful and would make a great drink during the summer.

During the tasting, Robert and Renee were there to answer questions while they told us about how they make their wines . My personal favorite was White October, which is also their most popular and decorated with medals from all over the nation.

Once I finished my tasting, I headed into the attached restaurant . The tables are adorned with red and white checkered tablecloths and Italian music plays in the background; the restaurant has an old country feel that made me feel right at home. With everything from lasagna to burgers, there is something for everyone. I chose the tuna salad with fruit, which was presented in a pineapple boat and was excellent.

Overall my experience at Raven’s Glenn was a fabulous one and I can't wait to get a group together to go back. With a group of 15 or more , you can have a private tour of the winery from Robert himself, along with a tasting and free wine glass for only $5.50 per person. I don’t recall any other winery that I have been to where the owner/winemaker has so much pride in his work that he takes the time to do all the tours himself.

Raven's Glenn Winery is truly an experience.