There's one big benefit to cold weather - a whole new range of outdoor sports becomes possible! In and around Columbus, you'll never run short on outdoor winter fun - and Snow Trails Winter Resort in Mansfield (about an hour north of the city) is a great pick for skiing and snow tubing.

When you look at Columbus itself, the city is a little...topographically challenged. But in the far western reaches of the Allegheny Plateau near Mansfield, you'll find many more slopes just waiting for snow. We're in luck right now, as it's going to stay under freezing for the next week or so in Central Ohio.

Snow Trails features a variety of fun winter activities, including the state's longest ski slope (Timberline), three terrain parks, and the longest tubing lanes in Ohio! Rentals are available for skis, snowboards and snow tubes, and the ski lodge is outfitted with a great snack bar and live entertainment on Saturdays.  Snow Trails also has ample snow-making equipment, and a live web-cam where you can check conditions before you go. Despite this week's thaw, there's a good base of 32-48" on the slopes.

This is a great place to learn to ski - whether you're teaching kids, or made conquering the slopes a New Year's resolution. Classes are available. So get out there and enjoy the snow!