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Available Light Theatre - Leigh's very favorite arts group in Columbus - is opening a new play this weekend. Leigh's here to share the details and, of course, convince you to go.

I exist among the 75% of Available Light attendees Leigh mentions here. My first show hooked me, and I won't be missing this one. How about you?


So, GI Joe, the Tooth Fairy and Eleni Papaleonardos walk into a theater… by Leigh Householder

God's Ear
I want to invite you to see some local theater.

I know what you're thinking - sounds like school. You think you'll squirm, not get the references and generally be busier doodling on the program than being entertained.

But this isn't just any play. This play has G.I. Joe, an erratic tooth fairy and a barrel full of family drama. Better yet, it's produced by Available Light Theatre - a wicked talented group of artists dedicated to building a more conscious and compassionate world through joyful and profound theater.

Yeah, joyful and profound. Those are the things that make their productions so addictive. You laugh (or cry) and have a great time watching the show, but then find yourself thinking about - and talking about it - for days afterward. IF it's like school, it's like that one class that totally inspired you to want to change the world.

Ok, about the play. Here's the rundown:

In this story, a family is both torn apart and drawn together by the accidental death of a child. They are aided in their search for connection and solace by flights of fantasy involving a singing Tooth Fairy and a life-size G.I. Joe. In the space between what is said and what is unspeakable they find a heartrending collage of truth and cliché.

As the New York Times declared, "words gush forth in torrents, spewing up like geysers on a ghostly plain" in this "arrestingly odd ... ode to love, loss and the routines of life."

Even in the most emotional moments, Director Eleni Papaleonardos manages to bring hilarity, tension and even sensuality to the stage. It is something of wild ride.

So come. And bring friends. Over 75% of first-time attendees at Available Light's two most recent shows reported that they "loved it" (much to the satisfaction of the AVLT veterans who had told them over and over again that they would). If you're bringing a group of eight or more, call ahead and they'll save a whole row for you.

Tickets are pay what you want. Really. There's no expectation. The average people give is $10 - $20. But your fiver or your C-note will be equally well received.  (Tickets at this particular show are cash only)


Show times: Thursday, June 11 @ 8pm Friday, June 12 @ 12pm (with boxed lunch from Tip-Top) Friday, June 12 @ 8pm Saturday, June 13 @ 8pm Sunday, June 14 @ 2pm Friday, June 19 @ 8pm Saturday, June 20 @ 8pm

Location: Columbus Dance Theatre 592 East Main Street