This post is written by Tim Simeone, Visitor Center Receptionist for Experience Columbus. You can follow Tim on Twitter @TimSimeone .

With the winter chill officially present in Columbus, you could put on your coat, scarf and gloves or you could fight the cold in a more delicious way…soup! There is nothing better than a server placing a piping hot cup of soup in front of you. It’s like your own personal space heater at the table. You can get real close and let the steam and flavors drift pass your chilled and runny nose. Here are some cozy spots around Columbus where you can warm the chill with a bowl of soup.

Surly Girl’s Posole soup is a light broth packed with lots of southwestern flavors and garnished with cilantro, lime, and your own side of fritos. There is a choice of pulled pork, chicken or tofu. If you want a traditional Posole get it with the pork and don’t be afraid to pair your soup with one of Surly Girl’s signature hot drinks.

Posole at Surly Girl

Haiku Siamese Coconut Curry Noodle - is a spicy coconut based broth filled lemon grass, noodles, basil and scallions. The broth is spicy but can be tamed down if requested; however if you’re trying to get warm, the spice will make you sweat. Watch out for the tiny red peppers bathing in the soup, a bite into one of those directly will encourage you to hop back outside in the cold.


The Mohawk Turtle Soup - Have you been so brave to try the Turtle soup? It is rumored the owner raised the turtles in the basement of the building. If you can get past the cute cartoon visions of slow moving turtles in your head, this soup is an adventurous way to warm up quick. Tomato based broth with veggies and of course, turtle, served in a charming turtle bowl.

Alana’s Hard Cider Cheese Soup – Walking into Alana’s instantly warms you up with its cozy atmosphere and friendly servers. The menu is always changing, so go quickly to get this cheese soup. Known for her unique flavor combinations, Alana mixes cider and cheese perfectly. You will have to imagine how this looks