Yesterday was the opening of Susurrus at the Franklin Park Conservatory, so my coworker Kelly and I went to check it out. Written and directed by Glasgow playwright David Leddy, Susurrus is a unique audio play presented in botanical gardens. This collaboration between the Wexner Center for the Arts and Franklin Park Conservatory runs through Oct. 24 Update! The show's been extended and will run through Oct. 31.

Patrons are scheduled to begin their journey every 15 minutes to allow for a personal, uninterrupted experience. After receiving an iPod, headphones and a map from the visitor desk, we were on our way, walking through Franklin Park Conservatory as well as the grounds of Franklin Park itself, stopping at eight distinct spots during the play. Once done with an act, background music played varying from classical to jazz. This provides you the choice to stay and enjoy the scenery or listen along to it as you walk to your next stop.

Susurrus has been described as part radio play, part recital, part lesson in bird dissection and part stroll in the park. Yeah, exactly, you just have to hear it for yourself. There are two men and two women actors telling you their uniquely entertaining life stories in a way that draws you in. The common theme among them is that they all relate parts of their stories and lives to A Midsummer Night’s Dream , drawing comparisons at points to Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

At times the storytellers overlap and finish each other’s thoughts during the transition from one to the other, and sometimes what you are looking at ties into the narrative. For example, at one point there is a dialogue about how no one ever looks at the plaques on park benches to see who they are in honor of; upon hearing that I looked down to my feet, where there was a gold plaque honoring a Columbus native who frequented the park.

Everyone will have a unique experience with Susurrus, and that is all the more reason to check it out for yourself. Admission is $11, and you can get all the details you need for your visit here .