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Cup O JoeSometimes it's hard to pinpoint the beginning of a movement. Luckily, for Columbus' coffee scene, it's very clear where good coffee in Columbus started:  25 years ago at Stauf's. When Stauf's opened its doors in 1988, coffee in Columbus changed forever. Now Columbus boasts dozens of excellent places to truly enjoy coffee, and many of them got their starts at Stauf's. 

Mark Swanson of Stauf's sat down with us recently to talk about how coffee has grown and changed in Columbus over the years.

Experience Columbus: What trends are you seeing in coffee consumption in Columbus customers - what are they asking for?

Mark Swanson: Single-origin pour overs and espresso drinks. Coffee doesn't need to be fussy. Simplicity is the in the DNA of American culture. The best cup of coffee is the cup you love.

EC: What's different about the Columbus food and drink scene?  What sets up apart?

coffee 3MS: Columbus has such an independent spirit. There are so many food entrepreneurs here. We're not artisans - we're passionate people with big ideas. I give a lot of credit to Jeni Britton-Bauer (of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams) for starting the creativity and risk-taking. Columbus is about odd flavors that work. People's palates here are more adventurous for it.

EC: What's new for Stauf's?

MS: We're experimenting with craft cocktails that include coffee. We're now doing cuppings (coffee tastings) for groups of five and less at Stauf's.  

Stauf's roasts beans for more than 300 coffee shops across the Midwest, and also sells its beans online at