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photo via @tljones91

photo via @tljones91



It's the middle of summer, but gosh, a good cup of coffee is still the very best way to start your day. I love iced coffee - smooth, flavorful, delicious, and in Columbus, you'll find no shortage of coffee shops offering excellent versions - here are my favorites:

Cafe Brioso - Properly brewed cold, with a generous heap of beans roasted the same morning, the iced coffee and Brioso is my favorite cup in Columbus. Mild yet flavorful, pair it with a fresh baked scone, or if you're feeling indulgent, a blondie from Sugardaddy's, across the street.

Cup o Joe - All of Cup o Joe's beans are roasted locally and cold brewed to perfection. If you like flavored coffee, order up a Hazelnut Toddy - smooth, rich and utterly delicious.

Pistacia Vera - It's no surprise - Pistacia Vera's coffee is a custom blend created by the roasters at Cafe Brioso. It's a little more robust than the others on this list and compliments the creamier patisserie selections from this artful shop. Milk from local Hartzler Dairy gives this brew an added layer of specialness.

One Line Coffee - Cold brewed Kyoto-style in a pour-over cone to-order, it doesn't get much fresher than this. These guys take coffee very seriously, and it shows. They extract a true coffee flavor, complimented by notes of citrus and even honey - and though I prefer my iced coffee a little sweet and with cream, I like One Line's black.