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Mixing at The Candle Lab



When I moved from Cleveland to Columbus this past August I decided I would explore my new city like a tourist. A recent coupon available through the Columbus Insiders Club featured two stops in  Olde Worthington . For $12, my coupon would let me pour my own soy candle at The Candle Lab , then go enjoy a glass of wine next door at House Wine . Since I am not one to pass up a great deal or a nice glass of wine, I found my next date night activity.


The Candle Lab was our first stop. Because I am indecisive by nature, I knew I'd need a full half hour to narrow 120 scents down to just two to mix together. While sampling no less than half of them, I discovered a few favorites: whipped cream, graham cracker, toasted marshmallow and merlot. However, once I realized these aromas might lead to “inexplicable” cravings for s’mores and wine, I decided a combination of sweet grass and white ginger tea was a more figure-friendly option. From there it was easy - mix the scents, stir the wax, go drink wine.

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House Wine



At House Wine I ordered a glass of the house white wine (seemed appropriate), sat in one of the retro neon green chairs and wondered how I had never heard about this place before. On every new adventure I discover at least one new thing I must try. In this case, I discovered that every Thursday evening House Wine hosts wine tastings for only $15. Now I just need to find out which week they'll showcase Riesling.