Last night, I attended the opening of The Color Purple . The Ohio Theatre was packed, and from the moment the orchestra started playing I was captivated by the cast and the music.

Kenita Miller, who played Celie, has a voice that is flawless and powerful. I had chills when she sang her opening number, "Somebody Gonna Love You." The rest of the numbers offer a variety of music, from gospel to jazz to ragtime.

The Color Purple's inspiring story is about a woman's soul-searching journey and her triumph over hardship and adversity. The core of the story will tug at your heartstrings, but there is plenty of comic relief throughout the show that will have you laughing in your seat. Lynette Dupree plays Sofia, and her performance of the song "Hell No!" along with her quick wit and tell-it-like-it-is attitude had the audience in stitches.

With only a few days left in Columbus, I highly recommend going before it’s gone. Tickets are available here .

You can also follow two of the cast members on Twitter: LaToya London (who plays Nettie) @llondon Tiffany Daniels (who plays Squeak) @Tiffeesha