We're all really proud of the unprecedented FOUR Ohio teams in the NCAA Men's Sweet 16! And we were so happy to host rounds 2-3 of the tournament last week, as well! If you're not as into sports as we are, you can still get in on some March Madness-style brackets with this great post from the Columbus Museum of Art. This post is written by Jennifer Poleon, Digital Communication Manager at the Columbus Museum of Art. You can follow the Art Museum on Twitter @ColumbusMuseum.

Introducing Art Madness, our version of March Madness for Art Lovers. To put together our bracket we selected some of our most beloved pieces from four of our strongest collections, as well as a few sleepers. It’s Photography versus Contemporary. Europeans versus the Americans. The Renaissance Region versus the Impressionism Region. Ashcan School Region versus Abstract Expressionism Region. Who will be a bracket buster? Who will come from behind and be the Cinderella of Art Madness? Who will be crowned the Art Madness champion? That’s all up to you. Each day we’ll have a new pairing on Facebook. The artwork with the most likes by the next day at noon will advance on to the next round.

CMA's Art Madness

To see full descriptions of the contenders and to keep track of winners, click here.