It’s a guilty pleasure, but I never tire of walking the streets and alleys of German Village to peek into the windows of its fabulously restored homes. That’s why I love the Haus und Garten Tour . It’s a once-a-year opportunity to get an up close look inside without worrying about whether the owner is home. This year, the tour takes place on Sunday, June 27.

Some of the homes and gardens on tour are elegant showplaces, some are urban sanctuaries, while others are funky and creative. All are great for decorating ideas or inspiration. At the least, I’m always inspired to go home and clean. This is a special time to explore the Village, check out its unique shops and enjoy its fabulous restaurants and bakeries .

German Village has been holding the Haus und Garten Tour for 51 years now. When it started, tickets were only $1, and some of the residents thought there was no way people would pay that much to go inside some old houses. Of course, they were wrong – today the tour attracts thousands of visitors, and German Village has become renowned worldwide as a leader in historic preservation.

Save $5 with a pre-sale ticket (click here to buy) and get an eyeful in some of the most beautiful homes you’ll see anywhere.