Spring Awakening has arrived .

Thanks to Broadway Across America-Columbus , I had the chance to catch the show at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday night.

In a word, wow.

The Broadway musical bills itself as "the groundbreaking fusion of morality, sexuality and rock and roll." It lives up to the hype (and its eight Tony Awards).

It's a fascinating production that manages to tell a tale set in 1890s Germany through modern and emotional rock tunes composed by Duncan Sheik. The poignant story explores adolescent struggles with sexuality, abuse, death, oppression...not exactly pick-me-up topics, but there's comic relief, too.

You will likely feel moved at least once. You might feel uncomfortable. Or enlightened. Or empathetic. Or sympathetic. Or any other range of things.

I was captivated. I loved it. So did my 19-year-old cousin, an Ohio State student who joined me for her first trip to the beautiful Palace . Older teens are some of the show's greatest fans, and she was no exception.

On that note, due to mature content, Spring Awakening isn't for everyone. Parents in particular should consider carefully if this is something to share with your children. A Parents' Guide is provided here .

If you're hoping to see Spring Awakening, move fast - tickets are still available , but the show ends Sunday.