This post is written by Nick Dekker, blogger at Breakfast with Nick and author of a book all about breakfast in Columbus. You can follow him on Twitter @BreakfastwNick.

There are a lot of families in Columbus, and families love to eat together. Fortunately, Columbus’ creative dining scene has a lot of options for both parents and kids. Parents can enjoy a great meal while knowing their kids get more than just generic chicken nuggets. A good taste in food should be developed early, right?

Here are three good ideas for restaurants with creative kid’s menus.

Village Crepe If your kids love pancakes (and what kid doesn’t?), then they’ll most certainly love crepes. Especially if Wayne Moore at Village Crepe is making them. He started his Pickerington restaurant after years of making crepes at home with his family. He whips up all types of sweet and savory crepes with traditional flour batters and creative bases like buckwheat and red velvet batters. One real winner from the kid’s menu is the fried peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. The whole sandwich is dipped in batter and fried like French toast. It takes the PBJ to a whole new level, and it’s complemented nicely by a side of Wayne’s house-made sausage.

kids menu 2

Kraft House No. 5 The team at Kraft House No. 5 takes comfort foods to new heights. Chef Marcus Meacham knows how to teach even kids to rethink their favorites, with dishes like mini cheeseburgers or buttered noodles. And while, yes, we are highlighting his mac and cheese here, you need to understand we’re highlighting a beautiful and flavorful baked mac and cheese. Served in a little iron pot, it will teach kids the value of artful presentation, too!

101 Beer Kitchen Grilled shrimp skewers? Chicken taco rolls? A pretzel-wrapped hot dog? 101 Beer Kitchen isn’t messing around when it comes to their kid’s menu. While the adults enjoy sandwiches, pizzas, and a great beer list, the kids get to choose from these creative options. Side selections help kids become health-minded early on: grapes, broccoli, homemade applesauce, and ants on a log.

This is just a start! Where do you like to take your kids for a creative meal?