Today's Top 3 list comes from Nanette Maciejunes, the Executive Director of the Columbus Museum of Art .  Art speaks to different people in different ways, but if you've only got 1/2 hour at the Museum (a travesty!) you can't do better than to catch these three works. Admission to the museum is free in July and August 2011 thanks to PNC.

Choosing a favorite work of art is like choosing a favorite child. Each piece in our collection is unique and wonderful. However, I do have a few favorites that speak to me more than others.

Agnes Martin’s Wind This is truly a master work – one of Martin’s best. I love that you really have to be with this work to experience it because the nuances cannot be reproduce

Edgar Degas’ Houses at the Foot of a Cliff Several of my colleagues have flown to Columbus just to see this painting – that is how rare a landscape by Degas is. This work is from our Sirak Collection which significantly increased CMA’s holdings of Impressionism and German Expressionism and which has many unexpected works by famous artists. We will be reinstalling the entire Sirak Collection in September.

George Bellows’ Blue Snow, The Battery One of my most favorite pictures is by our hometown artist who is widely considered the greatest American painter of his generation. Look closely at the brush work on this magnificent painting.