This post is written by Nicholas Dekker, co-founder of Wild Goose Creative and Columbus' best-known breakfast blogger at Breakfast with Nick .

Yeah, Me Too

Yeah, Me Too

Yeah, Me Too in Clintonville is the ultimate hard-to-find spot. You might miss the one-room coffee shop and roaster in Clintonville completely if it weren’t for the giant yellow “Coffee” across the front windows. Inside, you’ll find Jovan or Sam roasting their coffee and selling drinks. Options are limited: you can get hot coffee or iced coffee, large or small. Or you can buy whole beans. That’s it. Cash only. But if you can do one thing really well, why do anything else? Yeah, Me Too’s French-pressed coffee is some of the smoothest and richest in town, and a favorite of this writer.

Ca fe Brioso Employees of Brioso are like coffee missionaries. In their long, thin downtown corner location at Gay Street and North High, you’ll find a cadre of roasters and baristas who love coffee and coffee culture. You can observe owner Jeff Davis as he roasts beans in the corner. Watch your baristas pull the perfect shot of espresso or adorn your drink with intricate latte art. Drink your coffee with some of their homemade scones, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon rolls. Brioso is downtown’s coffee shop, although they support all things coffee in Columbus, even offering barista training and hosting regional latte art competitions.

Luck Bros Coffee House

Luck Bros. Coffee House
In Grandview you’ll find one of Columbus’ most dedicated coffee brewers: Andy Luck. Andy’s shop offers you the chance to sample exquisite coffees one cup at a time. Sidle up to his brew bar to try any number of the beans he has on hand. Andy and his team use equipment that’s designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Burr grinders create the perfect-sized grounds to maximize flavor, a Hario kettle applies the right stream of hot water, a selected pour-over funnel lets the barista control the water flow to best interact with coffee grounds. This setup allows you to try any of the beans that Andy acquires, including some incredibly rare finds. Enjoy your coffee with a muffin or a slice of their homemade breakfast casserole.