Time changes are a weird thing - on the one hand, having some daylight at the beginning of the day makes waking up a much less painful process. On the other hand, when the sun sets just after 6 p.m., you can start to feel a bit stir crazy. This week's Top Three list give you some ideas for how to make the most of those extra hours of evening darkness.

Columbus at Night

1. Get ready for holiday lights season! Soon, holiday light displays will grace some of the most trafficked parts of Columbus, including the Columbus Commons , the Ohio Statehouse , the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Short North . An inky black sky is a necessary part of enjoying holiday lights at their finest.

2. Find a bright, cheerful place for dinner. Plantain Cafe , on Gay Street downtown, offers hearty Cuban fare in a cheery environment. Northstar Cafe at Easton Town Center is another bright, beautiful space with fresh, local food.

3.Perkins Observatory , at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, is a destination that requires dark skies to function - they've got programs every Friday in December, and tickets go quickly - so join them for a closeup look at some spectacular stars.

What are you doing with your extra hour of night-time?