This post is written by Melanie McIntyre, blogger at Thoroughly Modern Melly and editorial director of The Metropreneur . You can follow her on Twitter at @Mel_McIntyre .

I think it’s safe to say that people who like shopping for vintage wares enjoy the thrill of walking into a store with little to no idea what they’ll find, and walking out with a gem. Or five.

Stores that carry vintage goods can be hit or miss, though. Inventory is largely dependent on what their owners acquire at estate sales, flea markets and vintage fairs, or through consignment, at any given time. Such retail environments can be tricky to navigate. With this post, I hope I can be of some help.

Below, I’ve listed three Columbus area stores that carry clothing, shoes, and accessories from days gone by that I think the ladies −and the gentlemen− will find favorable.

Flower Child There’s something for every nostalgia lover at Flower Child. Vintage telephones? Check. Dining chairs? Check. Magazines? Check. (You get the picture.) Plus, its merchandise spans the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ’70s, and ‘80s! On the fashion front, women can expect formalwear and furs, shiny baubles and handbags, and everything in between. The men’s section is considerably smaller, but no less wonderful. Hats, shoes and boots, belts, casual jackets, pants, and shirts are all waiting for a new home.

The Attic The name is appropriate. The way items are displayed (on tables, in drawers), the store’s layout and lighting− it all gives the impression that you’ve indeed stumbled upon someone’s attic. The store has a mix of old and new items, but the old ones are the better of the two, in my opinion. A lot of the merch −scarves, cardigans, T-shirts− is, arguably, unisex. My favorite thing at The Attic: the belts. If you like slightly worn leather belts with unique metal details and buckles, you’re in luck.

Image courtesy of The Attic

Second Chance Consignment Boutique Sorry fellas. There’s nothing for you here. However, I’ve included Second Chance on my list because so many locals in the know consider it a top consignment shop−and, more importantly, it has a section specifically for vintage duds. Though its prices tend to be steeper than prices at the other two stores, the quality is considerably better. (It’s not unusual to come across Gucci or Prada.) Also, the staff is friendly and helpful and you have the chance to make money (by selling on consignment), not just spend it.