The Scioto Mile

A couple days ago, I saw some friends on Facebook had posted a link from National Geographic – ranking Columbus in the Top 10 Best Fall Travel Destinations for 2011 – alongside Dublin, Ireland; the vineyards of Switzerland; the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba; the Day of the Dead celebration in Puebla, Mexico; and Zanzibar! My first thought was, “of course it is!” I’ve lived here for seven years, and I can’t think of a better place to be. Most people I know who haven’t visited Columbus don’t have any idea what the city is like – they usually assume it’s a kinda-bland, typical Midwestern place. But most people who have been here can’t say enough good things about us. If you saw Columbus on that list and said “huh?” here’s why I think we’re on that list: It’s not just the great attractions (#1 Zoo and #1 Science Center in the country,) the events (Greek Festival , ComFest , Independents Day , Festival Latino ,) sports (Crew , Blue Jackets , Clippers , Ohio State ) or food (Jeni’s , Basi Italia , Wayward Seed Farm , North Market ) that make Columbus such an awesome place to live and visit. It’s not just the great neighborhoods (Short North Arts District , German Village , Arena District ) the great shopping (Tigertree , Easton , Grandview Mercantile ) arts (Ohio Theater , Junctionview Studios ) places to stay (German Village Guesthouse , The Lofts ) or the brand new parks (Columbus Commons , Scioto Mile .) You can’t really point to one thing that Columbus is known for, and say – “THAT’s it. That’s why we should visit.” When you put all of these things together, with the creative, smart, savvy, welcoming, passionate people who are creating the culture of Columbus, you get a city that’s not just a Top 10 Travel Destination, but a city that’s just waiting for you to explore it. Even after living here for years, I know I’ve got a lot of discoveries yet to make. Columbus is a new place every time you change your perspective – and I hope this ranking from National Geographic inspires visitors and locals alike to view Columbus from another vantage point and start exploring! I want to know why you think Columbus made this list. What’s your Ode to Columbus? You can leave a comment below, or if you would like to write a guest post for the Experience Columbus blog - email me at . Let's share this city with the world!