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“Why The Rockstar Retreat?” To feed the realm of business professionals that strive to be better at what they do, seeks passion to drive whatever it is that they do on a daily basis, and takes care of themselves because it feels good and helps them get through.

The Rockstar Retreat is fuel for that passion, an outlet to stay motivated. It’s a chance to step away from the everyday and strengthen the foundation for the days to come.

Attendees will learn how to: • Stay motivated and continue to motivate others. • Work smarter not harder. • Use influence as a tool to accelerate success. • Use wellbeing choices to get better results.

The retreat will kick off at sparkspace on Jan. 17, with an overnight stay at the beautiful NEW Hilton Columbus Downtown and then returning to sparkspace on Jan. 18. Whole Foods Market is designing the nutritional foundation as well as a lunch-n-learn experience both days. The cost of the hotel stay on 1/17 is included as well as all meals, and more.

This isn’t just a two-day event. It’s a journey. It’s a kick-off to the next chapter for everyone attending. There is continued development beyond just the retreat in the form of additional resources, newfound relationships, and further programs at sparkspace that attendees will have access to. If you’re an employee that wants to step-it-up a notch, or a manager that is ready to invest in your rockstar team, The Rockstar Retreat is the most valuable piece of training and development to take advantage of.

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