This post is written by Nick Dekker, blogger at Breakfast With Nick. You can follow him on Twitter @BreakfastwNick.

Columbus’ food scene is booming, with new restaurants, renovations, and revamps popping up all over – and breakfast is part of it! Over the past year we’ve seen a number of splendid additions to the breakfast contribution to Columbus’ culinary landscape.

Kolache RepublicDowntown and its vicinity have certainly seen their share. On Broad Street, SuperChef’s Breakfast & More has made a name for themselves with bold, colorful breakfasts named for superheroes. The Juggernaut, for example, consists of two red waffles overflowing with chicken, candied bacon, eggs, and cheese; it’s then drizzled with maple syrup and honey.

 Last year, Columbus’ neighborhoods continued to solidify their identities with their own breakfast joints. In Olde Worthington, AJ Perry of Sassafras Bakery went from selling at the farmers market to baking scones, cinnamon rolls, and donut muffins in her own little shop. Stop in for seasonal quiches, pies, and Café Brioso coffee, too.

Up in Powell, the tiny restaurant simply called The Diner re-opened as the North Liberty Diner, serving Powell residents lots of classic breakfasts. Dublin also gained a new diner! The Barnstormers Grill in the OSU Airport closed, only to be taken over by Geno and Hilda Garcia, owners of campus-favorite Jack & Benny’s. The Garcias revamped the spot and opened it as Jack & Benny’s Barnstormer Diner. They’re operating with the same hours and menu (Gutbusters!) as the original location.

With the opening of Jerry’s Galaxy Café, Hilliard gained another breakfast spot serving flavorful fare like huevos rancheros, chorizo burritos, and chilaquiles. In Upper Arlington, South of Lane (appropriately located South of Lane Avenue) offers a cozy atmosphere. You can peruse the vintage items cluttering the shelves while enjoying waffles, omelets, and a cup of Thunderkiss Coffee.

Little Donut ShopIn Clintonville, the tiny corner shop called The Bean began serving simple coffee drinks, sandwiches, and locally-made pastries. Closer to the campus, Buckeye Donuts faced some competition from The Little Donut Shop. Located on the lower floor of The Big Bar, next to the Newport Music Hall, Little Donut Shop uses one base type of cake donut, but covers them in fun toppings like crumbled cookies, maple bacon, and chocolate pretzel.

 Finally, Italian Village is now graced with the side-street Cookie Cravings Bakery. Matt and Lindsey Tewanger serve up breakfast sandwiches and crepes alongside brioche cinnamon rolls and savory rolls with tomato jam, bacon, and cheese. Across the street from Cookie Cravings, Seventh Son Brewing Co. offers a weekend brunch that pairs their brews with food trucks like Challah and That Food Truck.

 And that was over the past year or so! 2014 promises to bring some interesting new breakfasts, too!