When you love food, the world is your oyster, and travel is the best way to crack it open. Here's why you should pick Columbus for your getaway this summer.

1. The best ice cream anywhere.

2. The coffee. We'll let our roasters speak for themselves on this one:

food tour3. Top-notch food tours that get you face-to-face with the city's best artisans and chefs. Oh, and a personal tour of the best taco truck scene in the Midwest.

4. Collaboration. When you come to Columbus, you'll find local whiskey in the ice cream. You'll find local grass-fed milk in your lattes, and you'll find brewers reusing barrels from distillers. We work together here, and the results are both delicious and unique only to Columbus.

5. We're still undiscovered. Most everyone who visits walks away impressed with Columbus and its food. You may not have an impression of our city when you first get here, but we guarantee you'll leave a fan. food scene