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For me, Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees is a little piece of home in the Capital city. I’m from Piqua, Ohio, a town in western Ohio where this amazing chocolate and coffee enterprise began in the late 1800s. Winans has two locations in Columbus, German Village (where these photos were taken) and Dublin.

Winans 1Winans is where I learned to love coffee. My first job was at Winans as a barista in high school and I later worked in the candy kitchen on winter breaks from college. I don’t work at Winans anymore, but I still love to stop in for a Karamel Kiss Latte and some chocolate! Winans has the best espresso in Columbus, which is a blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra.

winans 3Winans has a wide variety of chocolate and candy treats, which makes it perfect for holiday shopping! My favorite chocolates are the salted caramel, peanut butter delight, and the Bavarian mint, all in dark chocolate! Some popular candies include Wetzels (chocolate covered pretzels), Wurtles (chocolate covered 'turtles' with nuts and caramel, there is also a coffee version of this treat), brittle (peanut, coconut and many other addictive flavors), mint jewels and a variety of chocolate dipped confections (Oreos, grahams, nutter butters, rice krispie treats, marshmallows and dried fruit). Holiday shaped candy can be found in the store seasonally: chocolate turkeys for Thanksgiving, hearts for Valentine’s Day and ton of chocolate bunnies for Easter! Winans also carries staple coffee shop treats like muffins and scones.

winans2Another great thing about Winans is the history behind it. Winans is a family owned business and the photos on the wall depict five generations of the family with a little history about each generation.

winans 4Winans is also a socially conscious business. Joe Reiser, the owner of Winans, recently bought a coffee farm in Honduras so Winans will have access to organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffee.

Winans is a fantastic local coffee shop -- for me it's about the memories and connection to my hometown, but it's also about the delicious coffee and chocolate that's ethically sourced and hand crafted into something delicious by caring employees. What's not to love?