The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the nation's best - and it keeps getting better every year! Not only is Safari Africa well underway and set for a Spring 2014 opening, but there are many new faces at the zoo as well! The Zoo takes animal care very seriously, and each new birth is in accordance with species survival plans, ensuring that genetic diversity for endangered species is retained and that there will be ample space for new arrivals within the network of North American zoos. And while you can get a kick out of lots of animals at the Zoo, lots of people think the babies are the cutest.

gorilla KamoliColumbus is home to the first gorilla born in captivity (Colo, who still lives at the Zoo with her extended family!) On May 23, parents Kambera and Oliver welcomed a brand new baby boy - named Kamoli. Kamoli can be spotted every day from noon-3 p.m. at the indoor gorilla yard.

red river hogA duo of Red River Hogs, native to West Africa, were born April 12 to parents Harold and Harriet. The piglets are born with stripes and are already rooting around their enclosure, in the Expedition Congo area.

tiger cubsFour Amur tigers - a females - were born in late March, and are only the second litter of Amur tiger cubs ever born at the zoo. Amur tigers are critically endangered - they number less than 1,000 worldwide. Thought they're still a little shy, you might spot them in their enclosure in the Asia Quest area. baby markhor may 14Twin markhor kids were born on May 13 - and they are some of the most fun animals to watch at the zoo - they certainly know how to frolic! Watch then climb the rock walls of their enclosure, and jump playfully off ledges and even their parents! Markhors are related to goats and are native to the Himalaya.

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All photos are courtesy of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.