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Columbus Downtown Skyline at sunset

Experience Columbus Blog

4 Peaceful Public Gardens Around Columbus

This post is written by Hannah Henthorne, convention services assistant for Experience Columbus. As the metropolitan hub of Ohio, Columbus undoubtedly has awesome architecture and a plethora of pavement. But it is also home to many public gardens…

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The Oldest ____ in Columbus

Columbus celebrated its 200th birthday in 2012 - there is a lot of history here right under your nose! Here are a few of our oldest attractions to scope out next time you visit. Neighborhood: Franklinton When you think about historic neighborhoods in…

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Bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park!

The last wild bison were seen in Ohio more than 200 years ago, but today, there's a spot only a half-hour from downtown Columbus where you can see these giant creatures in their natural habitat. Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, located in western…

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Columbus Commons Opens This Week

This post is written by Amy Taylor, chief operating officer, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation and Capitol South. This is the group responsible for all of the construction and much of the programming for Columbus…

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