2019 Denison Fringe Festival: “Esta Soy Yo”


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Knapp Hall

300 Burt Ridge Rd., Granville, OH 43023

(740) 587-6787

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The Department of Theatre presents the 2019 Denison Fringe Festival. 

Denison University’s Fringe Festival presents “Esta Soy Yo,” a student production created and performed by Giselle Hernandez ’19with stage manager Kaity Waddell ’19. “Esta Soy Yo” is a video-narrative piece depicting the duality of racism in the United States and Peru. This piece serves to explore the subtle and not so subtle ways in which discrimination and racism is further emphasized by the representation, or lack thereof, in entertainment. It demonstrates how two women from completely different places and backgrounds can have similar experiences in their homes. Due to the nature of this piece and it’s underlying message, it will be performed solely in Spanish and Quechua.