50th Anniversary Moon Landing Celebration


6:30 PM to 11:00 PM

$7 - $16

Ohio History Center

800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH 43211

(614) 225-9100

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On July 20, 2019, it will mark 50 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon! This historical event can be celebrated with a fun night at the Ohio History Center! Dr. Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space, will talk followed by fun space-related activities including a rocket launching with COSI! The event will end with watching Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon! This will be a fun and educational event for the whole family. The event will take place at the Ohio History Center starting at 6:30 on July 20, 2019. Ticket prices: $16/Adult; $12/Youth (4-12); $11/Member Adult; $7/Member Youth