Actors' Theatre presents The Shakespeare Underground: Electra


8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Tatoheads Public House

1297 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43206


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Presented by PNC Arts Alive

ATC's new project, The Shakespeare Underground, is an exuberant, fun, unpredictable take on classic plays from Shakespeare and a variety of authors. The concept of the project is a combination of guerrilla street theater and traditional Elizabethan staging methods. Whats more "underground" than that? Please join us to hear something that youve probably never heard before.

NEXT UP - ELECTRA by Benito Pérez Gald³s

Originally staged in the Teatro Espa±ol in 1901, Electra is a controversial Spanish drama that documents the trials and tribulations of its innocent heroine. Electra is a young woman of unknown parentage who is raised in a convent in France and, after the death of her mother Eleuteria, adopted by her aunt and uncle. Electra soon falls in love with the scientist Maximo, but an intricate web of rumors and lies threatens to ruin their relationship. In this play, Benito Pérez Gald³s tackles a number of hot-button themes: fanaticism, superstition, social justice, rationalism, and the powers of science.

Admission is $15 in advance, or "Pay What You Will" at the door. Complimentary reserved seating is available for ATC members (members must RSVP for reserved seating).