After the Rain/Reign

6/8/19 - 7/14/19

Recurring weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

(Not) Sheep Gallery

17 W. Russell St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 565-0314

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Not Sheep’s “After the Rain/Reign” Scans the Horizon for Hope After Upheaval and Change in Politics or Homeland

(An art invitational drawing attention to an America - and the world - reeling under problems caused by political failure) 

(Not) Sheep Gallery, located in the Short North at 17 West Russell St., represents artists who are speaking out about social issues and various controversial subjects. From June 1st – July 27th, it will be hosting an invitational primarily featuring the works of Priscilla Roggenkamp and guest artist, Brandon Smith. The show will draw attention to the struggles of migrant/refugee families and the constant change and upheaval of political doctrines. 

This invitational includes artists Priscilla Roggenkamp, Brandon Smith, Michael Halliday, Magda Parasidis, Deborah Griffing, Rosellina Avoscan, Alissa Ohashi and Juliellen Byrne. 

Regarding her work, Roggenkamp states:  “In most of the histories of American families, there was a great journey, a mad scramble, a long and slow voyage to a new land. Many of us have family trees with stories of those who have traveled from afar for a new life here in America. But even more difficult is the lot of the refugee - those for whom leaving is not a happy choice. Fearing for one’s safety and for the safely and future of one’s family, refugees embark on difficult journeys.  Their tales are harrowing. They do not always end on safe shores, more often they end in places of extreme hardship (both financially and physically), and some even in the loss of a life”.

Brandon Smith states:  “These works speak directly to the current political/social climate in the U.S.  Somewhere between elation and despair our country seems to be moving toward tribal bifurcation.  Passionate participation manifests as outrage and tumultuous emotional expression.  The yelling and screaming figures found in these works have references in recent political rallies, concert attendees and moments of boiling anxiety. “

(Not) Sheep is a gallery that showcases national and international artists making a statement about politics, religion, race, ethnicity, the environment, women's issues, mental illness and other cultural and societal issues.