Altered Perceptions

3/6/20 - 3/28/20

Recurring weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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(Not) Sheep Gallery

17 W. Russell St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 565-0314

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(Not) Sheep gallery, a business representing art that deals in controversial issues, will present a show of new work by Columbus artists Char Norman and Catherine Bell Smith. Both of these artists are intensely concerned with the environment and the effects of global warming. Both use natural materials to convey both a sense of beauty and a sense of loss and artificiality.

Char Norman is a former dean at CCAD. Her statement is:  


The veneration and worship of nature is an integral part of my work with all things interconnected and nothing dominant over another. As we continue to face critical issues affecting the environment, social equality, ethics, and morality, the need to understand this symbiotic relationship and embrace eco-psychology becomes more apparent than ever. In the past I have presented nature in sacred attitudes and spaces in order to bring about a deeper understanding of the importance of stewardship and recognition of the role nature can play as a teacher, therapist, and healer. In recent news, we often hear of ecological disasters and the destruction, decay, or blatant disregard of the natural world. Each time I see or hear such a report, I feel as if I have been gut-punched. This new work has evolved in response to this negativity-going from the reverence of the beauty of nature to the abhorrence of its destruction. Multiple images of ecological disasters, rusted artifacts, and ghost images of what once thrived, serve as a slap in the face as to what we are doing to our universe.