An Autumn Cheese Tasting with The Fromagerie


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


1400 Food Lab

1400 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 636-3164

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In this Autumn Tasting we will explore five cheeses paired with a complementary selection of four wines. We will present cheeses of different styles and milks and touch on the various techniques involved in making them. Throughout our tasting, we'll discuss to what extent we think the season influences the style, flavor, and aroma of the cheeses produced or released and eaten at this time of year. The selection will give you an insight into cheese and wine pairings along with some unusual combinations designed to enhance the flavor of the cheese and delight your palate.

You'll be given a tasting sheet with room to make notes. Attendees will be offered a 10% discount on all cheese purchases made on the day of the event and for the subsequent 30 days via direct email order. This early evening tasting includes a cheese plate as well as bread, crackers, fruits, and savory accompaniments and is designed as an appetizer course to your regular Sunday dinner.

Kim Hendrix is the owner of Columbus-based Fromagerie, Inc. Kim fell deeply in love with cheese in 2008 when she participated in a cheesemaking workshop delivered by Peter Dixon, master cheesemaker from Vermont. She doubled-down on cheese after visiting the spectacular cheese shops of London, UK. Kim’s mission is to inform and inspire Central Ohio food lovers through Fromagerie’s modern interpretation of cheese culture.


A minimum of 15 registrants are required for this class. All ticket purchases must be made prior to 5:00 PM, Sept. 21st. No refunds or cancellations after Sept 16th. If you are unable to attend, tickets are transferable to other individuals with notice to 1400 Food Lab at 614-636-3164. Tickets are NOT transferable to different events.