Apollo's Fire - "O Jerusalem!"


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

$12 - $30

Mees Hall

Capital University

1 College Ave.

Columbus, OH 43209


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4:00pm Concert
3:30pm Pre-concert talk with Artist

Apollos Fires "Sephardic Journey" program won rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Now Jeannette Sorrell presents a sequel'an exploration of the three peoples whose music and faith brought such vibrancy to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The program is a "tour" of the four quarters of Jerusalem (Jewish, Christian, Arab, and Armenian/Byzantine), revealing the surprising cross-influences among Catholic, Jewish, and Arab musicians and poets. Selections from Monteverdis great Vespers of 1610 echo the and rapturous singing of the Jewish temple cantors, and classic Arabic love songs complete the tour. The rhythms of daily life culminate in a joyous celebration of brotherhood and sisterhood. 

Named for the classical god of music and the sun, Apollos Fire was founded in 1992 by the award-winning young harpsichordist and conductor Jeannette Sorrell. Sorrell envisioned an ensemble dedicated to the baroque ideal that music should evoke the various Affekts or passions in the listeners. Apollos Fire is a collection of creative artists who share Sorrells passion for drama and rhetoric. Last season marked the groups debut at Carnegie Hall, a performance which sold out the day the tickets went on sale. 

"Revelatory convivially theatrical The soloists and instrumentalists are first-class, and Sorrells arrangements are full of zip and color." ~ BBC Music Magazine