Art Opening: Glenn Tompkins with The Brazen Brass


2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Upstairs Arts Space

4601 N. High St. Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43214

(614) 214-4474

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The Upstairs Arts Space at Whitney and Ventola Music Studios brings together an innovative mixed-media artist and a brass quintet for a Halloween-inspired show.  


Glenn Tompkins is a Clintonville resident who graduated from OSU with BFA in painting and drawing in 2009. Glenn's work is about balance and a reflection - two opposites trying to pull in different directions and his work comes from the strain in between. He attempts to bring order to chaos and beauty in ugliness, both in application and process. One painting may be an assemblage of found objects haphazardly and often violently held together with nails and staples. Another piece may be a simple color composition - a peaceful, therapeutic application of paint. 


The Brazen Brass formed as a brass quintet over a decade ago when five people whose careers had taken different directions since music school didn't want lose touch with their horns. The group's style has evolved over the years, starting with the typical people-pleasing repertoire and then ultimately settling on what pleases them. They have performed at a variety of venues, ranging from campus bars to farmers' markets to the International Brass Chamber Music Festival to a random front yard or two. This October they present a collection of pieces inspired by the Halloween season and other assorted randomness they get a kick out of and maybe you will too.