Backstage At The Lincoln Presents: Visual Artists Showcase


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Lincoln Theatre

769 E. Long St., Columbus, OH 43203

(614) 384-5640

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The Backstage at the Lincoln concert series offers you the extraordinary opportunity to be seated on stage for a performance with your favorite local artist. Set against the hand-painted grandeur of the Lincoln’s Egyptian Revival-style motif, enjoy an exceptionally intimate concert from a perspective normally seen only by the artists themselves.

About Visual Artists Showcase

Painter Talle Bamazi, multi-media artist Shelbi Harris Roseboro, and dollmaker Antoinette Savage will each share their art and creative processes followed by a Q&A. A sampling of their work will also be on display.

Talle Bamazi: A visionary, born in Kara, Togo West Africa, and a painter who can best be described as an artist with more than a canvas, Talle Bamazi set out to show the world that Africa means more than violence -- it has a soul and a purpose. He uses his gift of the brush to educate, instruct, and give people a sense that the past is worth studying; for the past dictates the future.

Shelbi Harris-Roseboro: Shelbi Harris-Roseboro is a fine artist and graphic designer raised in Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by life, love, and community her artistic genesis lies in color and culture. She continues to push these artistic boundaries through new mediums, and creative collaboration.

Antoinette Savage: Born in Columbus, Ohio, Antoinette Savage is a self-taught doll maker, sculpture and wearable art artist. Her work is a collection of lives and memories of her ancestors. Since 2007, she has designed and sold dolls and wearable art in many forms, utilizing her skills with recycled fabric and found objects. Antoinette loves using bright bold "Kool-Aid" colored fabric scraps as the signature palette of her artistic expression.


Photo: Shelbi Harris-Roseboro