Boat Break Escape Game

Recurring weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Amaze. - The Columbus Escape Experience

989 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43201

(614) 947-1010

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Whether is a date night, getting together with a group of friends or bringing the family together for a fun night out - we have you covered. We bring friends, family and co-workers together in a real-life entertainment puzzle. Great for groups of 2 up to 12 people - we can accommodate larger groups, just give us a call. THERE ARE MULTIPLE TIMES THE GAME IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE DAY AND EVENING.    

The mission is simple, but the game is not.    

The last thing you remember is that you and your friends were on Campus after the game celebrating another great win. As the night wore on, you become friends with a cute couple who had amazing accents, endless stories from their travels abroad and insisted on buying everyone's drinks.    

The next thing you know, your group wakes up in the hull of a boat as captives. Still a little groggy, you're not sure if it's been hours or days. Together, you'll have have to work to break everyone free, find out where you are, how you got there and more importantly  - how to escape.    

You've heard from one of the guards that the ship leaves port  in sixty minutes with no plans to dock again for months. If you're going to save yourselves - you must act quickly. To escape, you'll need to find the passport which contains the code to your freedom.