Conversations & Coffee: Ken Rinaldo


12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Columbus Cultural Arts Center

139 W. Main St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 645-7047

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Join us for Conversations & Coffee, a free weekly program bringing together artists and those of you who love art. Bring your lunch; we'll provide the coffee!

Artist Ken Rinaldo (featured in "Hypotheses: Art Inspired by the Many Worlds of Science" exhibition at CAC) will be giving a talk on, "Love is baked into DNA, as spiders, fungi and bacteria care for their young." 

Image: Augmented Fish Reality by Ken Rinaldo; Fish controlled; Robotic fish Tank at Ars Electronica above. 


Ken Rinaldo is internationally recognized for interactive bio art, 3D animations and robotic installations, blurring the boundaries between the organic and inorganic and engaging the co-evolution between living and evolving technological cultures. His work interrogates fuzzy boundaries, and posits that as new machinic and algorithmic species arise, we need to better understand the complex intertwined ecologies these semi-living species create with our natural world. His works are focused on trans-species communication, animal agency, insect, bacterial and emergent machine intelligences.

In this one hour lecture with questions at the end, Rinaldo will show examples of artificial-life robotic art installations, 3D animations and bio art installations hypothesizing about the future of human, machine and microbes intertwining. Ken Rinaldo is Professor of Contemporary Art & Technology practices, within the College of Arts & Sciences at The Ohio State University teaching robotics, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, 3D animation and bio art.

This program is a part of Hypotheses: Art Inspired by the Many Worlds of Science exhibition. For more details, visit: