Dance Dance Party Party - CBus Chapter


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


The Nest Theatre

894 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43222

(614) 929-5545

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Event 1 - Wednesday, Jan 22 | Doors at 655pm on the dot | 7pm-8pm at Location TBA at Nest Creative | **$5 - CHEAP PRESALE ONLY, no sales at door!**

It's not a show, it's a joyride of people getting free. Begun in 2006, by DDPP™ NYC - The set-up is simple: an hour of booty-busting tunes, a big room with the lights turned low, and women+ willing to let go. Anything and everything goes from r&b to alternative to Broadway to hip-hop to trap to polka to 80’s hits (along with a warm-up song at the start and a cool-down song at the end); 15 or so songs that will get everyone up and moving. 

You come to dance.

You listen to fun, loud music.

You move with other like-minded women.

You can dress up ridiculously if you want to.

You can dress down freely if you want to.

This is a place to blow off steam, move, and work. it. out.

Through word of mouth alone, DDPP™ chapters have cropped up all over the USA and internationally. Women around the world are responding to this liberating atmosphere where they are free to goof around, shake their bodies without objectification and feel good about who they are.

DDPP™ is currently overseen by the Chicago Chapter, and has newly begun in CBus. Three rules for these events: No boys, no booze, no judgment. The Nest Theatre|Nest Creative is a registered Safe Space in Columbus, Ohio - LGBTIQ, non-binary/gnf, ages, sizes, orientations, ability welcome.  



let's dance.