Documentary Shorts featuring Prodigy Brothers


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Drexel Theatre

2254 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43209


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Discover the lives of two prodigious Canadian brothers, Josh and Zac, as they pursue their passions in Joe Camorianos Prodigy Brothers. Then, stick around for the true-crime tale of hunting Nazi war criminals on the run in Argentina, the story of a community of police officers mourning the death of one of their own, and more in this selection of documentary short films.




Films include:


Prodigy Brothers

Director: Joe Camoriano

Runtime: 50 minutes


In Prodigy Brothers, filmmaker Joe Camoriano provides a "behind-the-scenes" look at what life is like for Josh and Zac, two Canadian brothers who are prodigies ' one in art, the other in music. An attack from a Russian crime ring, while Josh was still in his mothers womb, may have led to Joshs prodigiousness, as explained by experts in psychology and neuroscience. A similar trauma thirteen years later may have led his brother Zac to become a prodigy in his own right. We are able to capture a few moments of their lives as they pursue their separate passions. By the end, we begin to appreciate the bond they have and learn that prodigies are not that different from us.




Woodys Order

Directors: Daniel Miller, Jeremy Newberger, and Seth Kramer

Runtime: 16 minutes


Woody was eight when he asked his parents for a sibling the only way a bright, nonverbal, cerebral-palsied boy could: he pointed to moms tummy and dads ... lap. The result: Ann, an actress/comedian torn between her Broadway career and being her brothers loving caregiver. How do you live your own life when youre Woodys order?




The Driver Is Red

Director: Joshua Dean Tuthill

Runtime: 15 minutes


Set in Argentina in 1960, this true-crime documentary follows the story of secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he hunts down one of the highest-ranking Nazi war criminals on the run.





Director: Giovanni Coda

Runtime: 8 minutes


During an attack, police officer Xavier, among his injured fellow officers, was shot dead. There are broken dreams and unanswered expectations of peace. But there is no place for hate, with dialogue and tolerance being the only possible solutions.





Zug nach Peace (Train To Peace)

Directors: Jakob Weyde and Jost Althoff

Runtime: 9 minutes, 25 seconds


The sound of the Berlin subway takes a stranger back to the history of his country ' Iraq ' where peace is rare and happiness only comes as a guest.




All The Leaves Are Brown

Director: Daniel Robin

Runtime: 25 minutes


A short film about memory, loss, family, and a sugar maple tree.