Double Feature: Growing Up Female | Methadone: An American Way of Dealing


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Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

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(Julia Reichert and Jim Klein, 1971)

(Julia Reichert and Jim Klein, 1974)

Growing Up Female is the very first feature-length film of the modern women's movement. Considered controversial and exhilarating on its release, the film examines female socialization through a personal look into the lives of six women, ages four to 35, and the forces that shape them—teachers, counselors, advertisements, music, and the institution of marriage. Widely used by consciousness-raising groups to generate interest and help explain feminism to a skeptical society, Growing Up Female offers us a chance to see how much has changed how much remains the same. Selected to the National Film Registry in 2011. (52 mins., DCP)

Methadone: An American Way of Dealing is, unfortunately, a still-relevant film about how the rise in heroin addiction was typically addressed in the early 1970s. Set in Dayton, Ohio, Methadone captures how social services, designed to help, in fact often neutralize those they intend serve when professionals treat social problems as mental illness or personal weakness. It is a sobering testament about what can happen to those unable to buy into the American Dream. (60 mins., DCP)