Duet with To Kuyumba


10:15 PM to 11:45 PM


Drexel Theatre

2254 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43209


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Director Darrin Hoovers feature-length Duet, the story of two men, one gun, and one dead body, is presented alongside Miroslav Savics story of a young Serbian mans emotional farewell to his father on the eve of a journey to Siberia.



Director: Darrin Hoover

Runtime: 1 hour, 23 minutes


Two men, one gun, one dead body.



To Kuyumba

Director: Mirolsav Savic

Runtime: 22 minutes


Living in the boondocks of Serbia, Marko is a young man pushed by a lack of job prospects into hard labor in the cold and loneliness of Siberia. He is facing his last 24 hours at home, with his only family being his formerly successful father, now retired and broke and drowning his desperation in liquor. Unable to communicate, their love and concern translate into quarrels and misunderstandings. Though both are eager to bury the hatchet and have a proper farewell, they end up having a horrible fight, with time running out for them to part on good terms.